Waldorf education curriculum preschool

Rudolf Steiner, the renowned artist and scientist has been credited with developing the principles of education to which he added his own insights and teachings. The Waldroff System that was founded in the early part of the 20th century drew heavily from Steiner’s work.

This System believes in making education a fun filled experience for kids. It does not promote academic hot-housing and wants children to enjoy their childhood while learning concepts. The waldorf preschool lesson plans are based such that it places equal emphasis on intellectual, physical, cultural, emotional and spiritual aspects for wholesome development of the child’s personality.

The main subjects are taught making use of thematic blocks to provide that artistic and practical touch to content. The success of this System has been proven across academic abilities of children of any religion or ethnicity. It is therefore respected the world over since it is able to produce youngsters who are self confident and equipped with diverse abilities to help them become responsible global citizens.

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