Interesting ideas are always available for a day care curriculum. Nourishing the child’s mind with interesting activities like lego making, building blocks as well as story telling is a wonderful way of helping them get creative. A scheduled program for mortar skills like crayon work, origami or paper folding as well as clay molding is a great way to improve their skills.

For improving vocabulary and phonics, there are exciting ideas with storytelling, narration and descriptive expression. Show and tell activities are also a wonderful way to encourage them and keep them creative. Outdoor sports like ball, running or even lemon and spoon are a good initiative to keep them fit and active.

An organized activity about rhymes and sing along sessions is also an exclusive way to improve the child’s confidence. Rhymes improve their vocal chords and they immensely enjoy the singing activities. Perhaps adding an instrument like sitar or drums would also add to the merriment. It is interesting to note that coloring activity is enjoyed by all preschoolers. A theme-based activity for a week also seems great. Introduction to colors can be done with dress up days, coloring activity and recognizing things that pertain to a particular color scheme.

Dabbing as well as cotton or wool sticking activity is also enjoyed by children. In house adventure as well as games instills a ‘go-getter’ streak in them and the thrill helps them to move further in their achievements. Games like seek and find as well as travelers mystery where they are introduced to new countries and continents is also an important parameter to improve their awareness.

Day care activities can also be related to gardening and organic farming sessions where children relish holding the water cans, seeds and a percolator. Using safe and devised methods, the teachers can guide the young children with gardening concepts.

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