Interesting activity after school is one of the innovations in today’s curriculum. Literacy programs are also very beneficial for students of all ages. Basic skills to read aloud along with a bit of enactment and props facilitates free flow of thought and influences the pattern of thinking. It is wonderful to find that the books are also modulated as per age wise category to bring in more emphasis and focus into the program. Creative thinking is also generated with speech and drama activities, which is scheduled as per age and skills.

Social connection is established well with group activity via life skills concepts in a play way method. For toddlers there are interesting group activities like play dough or also group recitation of poems or dramatic which is an excellent way to boost their confidence. Coloring or cooking activity also brings innovation to their daily schedule. It is important for children to look forward to the after school activity so that they are motivated and are benefited by the program. The concepts require proper planning and scheduling so that the best comes forth.

Toy stories is also a novel concept. Children are allowed to pick their toys and enact in a drama or a skit accordingly. Lego making is a logical way to improve their mind power. Math skills also include various games connected to math and arithmetic reasoning. Recognition of numbers and basic math with abacus is also a very interesting concept.

Discovery and outdoor activity with experiments and project is also proving to be an intellectual way to stimulate the interest of the little minds. Novel ideas about Good Manners, Water cycle as well as Community topics are also interesting. Projects related to science experiments and preparation of charts or 3 D modules along with art form is also required.

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