Stem curriculum for preschool – stem preschool lesson plans

One of the latest terms doing the educational institutions rounds is STEM education. Preschools in India are open to embracing new systems of education more than ever before. Increased exposure to the internet and vociferous demands from new age parents are bearing fruit. They want the best for their children. Governments at the Centre and State are also doing their bit to introduce these new systems of education. They have recognized the importance of not sticking to conventional systems. They want children to attend school and not drop out during preschool and later years. The mid day meal program and other changes in the manner schools are run are slowly ensuring that children attend school regularly and become better citizens of this great country.

What is stem education and why is it important in India

The Right To Education Act has opened up vistas for making sure that preschools and Early Childhood Education courses are conducted as per norms. Preschools, whether run by private or by the government have to follow strict regulations with regard to infrastructure, teacher to student ration, the syllabus, methods of conducting examinations and so on. These steps have made preschools and primary schools much better with teachers truly qualified to carry out their roles. The better attendance of children in such schools has improved the health of children and mothers alike.

So what is this stem education in Indian preschools all about?

STEM is the acronym for the subjects of science, technology, engineering, math. Stem education in India, though in its nascent stage is fast catching up and becoming popular due to its integrated approach of teaching these subjects.

The object of introducing stem education in India is to develop and boost the creative as well as critical thinking skills of children. It is a known fact that over the years, the conventional teaching delivery methods of only classroom teaching has lost its sheen. Students today are getting exposed to the internet and seek better interactive learning. They do not like to be cooped up in a classroom. They want to move away from the by rote method of learning that achieves little by way of subject matter understanding and only serves the purpose to get through in examinations.

Stem kits for preschool in India becoming more and more popular

Children by nature are free loving and enthusiastic. They naturally want to experiment with things, play with objects, enjoy the outdoors and do not wish to remain cooped in a classroom for lengthy periods of time.

Preschool stem activities are myriad. They include block building, children learn how to construct small bridges. These are done making use of engineering, math and exposure to the computer for doing research. If these are activities within the classroom, making it an interesting place to be, instead of just listening to some monologue from teachers, the outdoor activities are even more interesting.

Children are encouraged to think of solving issues of reaching water to plants, they get exposed to typical tools like shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows. They are taken for long nature trail walks along with instructions on how to make use of the reusable bag and collect objects such as leaves, stones, flowers on the way. Once back to school or home, they get to sort out the treasures they have collected into categories of size, color, shape and texture.

Stem lesson plans for preschools in India can also includes cooking

If you thought all of the above activities are pretty boyish, hold on. There are cooking activities that children are made to engage in as well. They spend time looking up recipes and make an attempt to cook dishes.

As you may have noticed, all of the above activities require skills that have their basis in subjects of science, technology, engineering and math. Children get exposed to such subjects in a fun filled and natural way. They do not get intimidated by such subjects when they grow up and thus retain their interest to study and discover things.

It is in the best interests of parents, teachers and children to encourage STEM curriculum in preschools so that the exposure is at its earliest stage.

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