School Supplies and kits

School  Supplies and school Kits

Theo Kids appreciates the patronage of several schools who have availed their quality products and school supplies. Geeta Punjabi maintains, “Our core concept is innovation and adaptation. Hence, we are able to cater to a wide range of customized concepts for all our clients.”

Our clients for school supplies include leading schools across India and other countries.

Our supplies include:

  • Custom logo
  • embroidered School bags, uniform’s and kits
  • Study boards and customized black or white boards
  • Notebooks in varied size and specification
  • Coloring books and materials
  • Flooring concepts
  • Wall art
  • Molded plastic trays and trolleys
  • Dustless chalks
  • Projectors
  • Air conditioners
  • School and Sports uniforms
  • Premium quality shoes  and sports shoes
  • Customized lunch boxes and snack boxes
  • Good quality water sippers or bottles
  • Satchels, picnic bags and handy haversacks for field trips


We also cater to specific events and annual feats by preschools as per their calendar year. Our tailored uniforms are perfect in size, fit, and are long lasting. We used the best detailing and tailoring for all kinds of uniforms and apparels.