Theo Kids believes in a holistic approach to create a trend in preschool curriculum and allied activities. As children imbibe well in a modulated structure, the emphasis is to create a syllabi that is modern, adaptive and also enriching. A framework is created in a structured manner in all our lesson plans. As children accept exposure and new talents in a co-operative atmosphere, we have detailed each lesson plan that includes individual attention but also promotes socialization via group activity.

Teaching aids are highly essential to support our lesson plans. Our teaching aids are customized as per the curriculum needs and encourages creativity in children. As tangible concepts are accepted well by children, our aids are safe, modern and created to go along with a variety of skills. In fact, facilitators/ teachers too find it easy to use the aids as children are easily able to connect with the same.

Our Training program is another great assistance to facilitate the curriculum. We have been highly successful in inducting teachers especially in newly launched playschools and day care centers. Our comprehensive training modules allow open interaction for discussion and execution of various activities in an energetic atmosphere.

A very lively and enthusiastic culture is essential in preschools and that is surely brought out with the best furniture and seating arrangements. Be it the mini roller coaster, seats or the toadstools, we supply good quality furniture meant for children who are adapting to sensory and motor skills.

Our range of school supplies in customized models are also available for sippers, preschool bags, caps, aprons, picnic satchels and lunch boxes. Our designs are vibrant with the touch of innocence expressed via a cartoon or other brand image. This is customized by using your patent logo or any other brand specification.

Encouraging literary and linguistic approach, we also have lesson plans in foreign languages (spoken) meant for children, which is tailored as per client’s requirements.

Our products  :

Teaching Aids
School  Supplies
Foreign Languages

Smart Toddler-1 to 2 years of age- Mother Toddler Curriculum
Sapling (SAP)-2 to 4 years of age- Play school and Nursery curriculum
Arise-4 to 6 years of age- Lower kg and Upper kg curriculum

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