Preschool special events for Preschools

Theo Kids specializes in a variety of events tailored for a preschooler which nourishes their mind. Adding events as a part of the yearly calendar works well for reinforcing elements pertaining to growth and development. Several events are also lined up to improve their awareness. As they partake in the events and activities, they enhance their recognition abilities along with their grasping skills.

Events scheduled for preschools

General themes or events can be combined with invites to parent volunteers. Themes that emphasizes on ideas like conservation and environment saving are also interesting.

With kids gaining more ideas about how to make subtle changes for themselves and the ecology, they feel enthusiastic to follow a role.

  • Water saving programs
  • Plant a sapling
  • Field trip – Nature awareness
  • Environment day
  • Rainbow day
  • Color day

Patriotic events include

Understanding about India and inculcating patriotic fervor is facilitated with several dress up days. Explaining to children about patriotic events like Independence day or singing patriotic songs certainly adds value to their knowledge about India.

  • Dress up as a national leader
  • Sing along national songs or anthem

Festival days

The enthusiasm of observing festivals is highly appreciated by children. It is overwhelming to find that kids absolutely enjoy a theme or party pertaining to festivals. This promotes Indian values and instills value for our culture in preschoolers.

Theo kids have a structured event schedule in built in the calendar program to make it a success.

  • Xmas party
  • Diwali diya making
  • Navratri festival
  • Gokulashtami
  • Sankrant festival – kite flying
  • Id Special

Organizing for the events or themes requires a meticulous effort. Our themes and events are also worked out for entertaining children and our syllabus is outlined in a phased manner. The days are also planned to promote bonding as a family especially when grandparents or parents participate in the events like kite flying or indoor sports.

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