Emotional Intelligence via a curriculum

An interesting preschool curriculum must aim at building self-esteem in the preschoolers. The Theo Kids model is based on several researched parameters and caters to various experiences seen in the field. A syllabus that is organized helps the teacher to direct and allow children to express articulately. Though much is talked about EI or emotional intelligence, the ability to understand emotions and express clearly is an important part of any preschool activity.

Though children are temperamental, a directed effort to keep them focused is certainly appreciated. Being aware of their emotions is possible for children if they are engaged and appreciated in their efforts. Preschoolers are on the threshold of developing and enforcing their motor skills and behavioral aspects. Facilitators and teachers require a lot of enthusiasm as a team in delivering the ideas. A group or team effort is generally successful. Kids learn via role-play and follow dramatic attempts while rendering a poem or rhyme.

It is inspiring for children to watch the teacher display direction and control via activities. Kids generally follow a pattern and a simple approach works well for them. There are several factors that affect a child’s social skills and interaction with the help of an activity is one of the best ways to improve the cognitive behavior in children. Addressing the point with educational charts, block making as well as coloring activity, children find it easy to understand skills pertaining to non-verbal communication like body language.

A methodological approach via an interesting syllabus certainly creates emotional well being in a child. This also improves concentration and programming in a child to respond to a particular question, situation or activity. The response generated builds confidence and hence the emotional intelligence improves.

Group activities like free play, vocabulary games, storytelling sessions helps the child to recognize and freely express their emotions. Guided by a patient and trained teacher, the curriculum is certainly a great way to improve the emotional intelligence in a child.

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