Getting children ready for preschool

The beginning of an academic year is filled with several duties and the most overwhelming of them seems to be getting a child ready for school. Children respond well to conditioning. The familiarity to a surrounding also helps them in adapting themselves to a new place. Most preschools are designed in a happy environment with several displays pertaining to cartoons and wall painting. They are catchy and exciting for a child and this proves to be the best way to keep them motivated.

Preschools also have a novel way of inducting a child to the set up. With lots of tender care and comforting ways, teachers make a good impression on a child. Most kids adapt easily but for some this is a first point of separation anxiety and hence they may take a while to adjust. It is great if parents can slowly express to their child about the benefits of a preschool in an interesting manner. The orientation program by preschools is a great method of understanding what exactly goes into the curriculum.

Timeliness is one of the best way to help the child adjust to the body clock. It is good to enquire the timings of the preschools and slowly align the child to the new clock time. Waking early also means to going to bed early. It is essential for caregivers to abide by the clock and manage time well for the child so that the mornings are easy. Largely children do well when it comes to managing on their own at a preschool but it is great if caregivers can also instill the subtle points of discipline and polite manners.

Preschools are ordained in a typical format that maintains the child’s keenness and innocence. For e.g. the interactive syllabus via Theo Kids creates a very active atmosphere with group activities that are disciplined with time lines. The use of props, books and physical skills is also necessary at the preschool so that children are engrossed and are eager to come back the next day. Allowances are essential as each child is different and may take time to adjust to a new activity.

Visual stimulation works well for kids and it is apt to show them their school bus, their new uniform or also other school supplies that are crafted with colorful hues and patterns that will excite them. Preparing the child for school is an effort initially but slowly becomes a habit. During periods of sickness, extra comfort and care will be required to help them recover and again get back to the routine. Participation in themes, dress up days and festivals is also a lovely way to help the child like his or her school and brings with it awareness, team spirit and motivation.

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