Preschool classroom safety guidelines in India

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Preschool education comprises of children between the age group of 2 to 5 years. This is the phase when kids are very vulnerable and require care and attention. Safety measures regarding the infrastructure, transport, possible mishaps and even people including teaching and non teaching staff.

preschool classroom safety checklist

The safety measures can be described in brief as follows:
Safe Infrastructure: Infrastructure like classroom furniture, play areas, library, toy room, activity room, toilets and so on must be safe for the kids. In spite of this, the kids must be supervised with care. Fire extinguishers and safety exits must be taken care of and the staff must be trained in safety measures and first aid. School transport vehicles must be maintained in a good condition. Safety cameras must be installed at all places.
The classroom furniture must be made of material that is safe from decay and fungus. The furniture is likely to get spoilt due to the activities of the tiny tots and needs frequent cleaning. Thus it must be made of water and moisture resistant material.

Toys and objects in the play area must be cleaned frequently and must be of a good quality.
If the classroom has any shelves or cupboards, the height and location must be designed considering the safety of the kids. It is best to avoid any mishap.

Access safety measures: Rules and regulations for access of parents and elders supposed to drop or pick up kids must be strict as they have access into the premises. Identity cards must be issued to parents and all the concerned personnel in the school. Background verification of all the staff members must be done strictly. Visitors’ access must be strictly restricted. Any minor change in the routine of the kid must be immediately communicated by the teachers or parents mutually to avoid any confusion.
We provide these services for preschools in Mumbai and India.

school security audit checklist in India

We often come across the news of several incidents in schools that raise the question on the safety of children in school. These incidents may include bullying or ragging of children by the peers, a mishap related to water or fire or it could be an accident. These incidents happen within or near the school premises and hence raise several questions related to the management and administration of school.
A measure to control these risks involves the identification of the risks and defining the safety norms and the risk prevention and control measures for the same. As the safety of the students is the top priority, it is not just enough to define the measures or concepts but to have a list of checks and have them periodically audited.

There could be a single checklist with multiple categories or there may be multiple checks that can be audited.

school safety assessment

Some of the important parameters that can be enlisted in a security audit checklist are as follows:

Safety measures for health: This includes the factors related to hygiene, food, water and the emotional and psychological health of the students.

Physical safety: These can include safety measures in the school environment. This includes safety of the infrastructure and premises as well to prevent any accidents. Physical safety also encompasses wide factors like physical punishment, accident prevention and so on.
Cyber Safety: As computers are used as a part of the curriculum, cyber safety norms need to be defined strictly by the school. Prohibition of cell phones in school premises and sharing of objectionable online content through any other device is also a part of the same.

Emotional safety: Harassment, ragging and bullying are few examples that demand the emotional safety of the children. Considering the various age groups in schools and the range of emotional changes that they go through, these checks need to be defined and audited carefully.
It is important to seek professional help for creating these checks and auditing them. We provide assistance to carry out security audits in schools.

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