Naeyc early childhood curriculum

Naeyc early childhood curriculum planning and development in India

The demand for high quality Montessori and preschool education is on the increase not only in India but across the world. Parents and teachers have recognized the need for a great foundation when it comes to education for their kids. The need for a high quality standard of preschool education that is uniform across countries is something whose time has come.

Parents have high expectations from preschool education but know that all of them are not being met by the schools following the existing curriculum. There are various reasons for this and it suffices to say that there is an urgent requirement for a system that enables kids to develop their mental and physical abilities. In addition, kids must also not feel the preschool environment to be a burden and should get prepared for higher KG classes, boosting their social skill as well.

ECCE policy already in place but lacks global accreditation standard
In India, the Right of Children to Education Act has made it mandatory for governments in all States to provide early education for children. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has also underlined a clear policy on Early Childhood Care and Education also known as ECCE.
However it lacks global accreditation standard like the NAEYC or the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This standard has been established to make sure that all children are exposed to high quality early care and education till the age of 8.The vision across their individual members and over 300 affiliate chapters is to ensure that all children are able to acquire full potential.

Accreditation ensures best learning experiences

When preschools follow the NAEYC curriculum, they are implementing standards that are globally acknowledged and standardized. The curriculum lays down clearly what children have to know and should be able to do by different age milestones. The knowledge and skills imparted to the children in these schools guide them towards objectives that are well understood by teachers and parents alike.
The benefits of the NAEYC curriculum can be summarized as under:
Educators start following early learning standards correctly
Children are prepared for school readiness in an informal manner
They learn to read, write and solve math with confidence
They improve creative and social skills as well

So go ahead and plan for NAEYC curriculum in your preschool in India. As consultants, we can offer you development services and help you to understand more about naeyc curriculum guidelines and indicators of effective curriculum.

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