Learning through play curriculum

Yet another wonderful concept in the development of early childhood education is that of the “learning through play” methodology. Psychologists have always been eager to improve the delivery of early childhood education as they recognize its importance in the overall development of the child.
The “learning through play” methodology that is also known as playful learning involves the usage of pedagogical tools for children to learn concepts in a playful manner. They are thus automatically exposed to challenging and abstract concepts without being aware or under any pressure associated with the formal learning process.

Free as well as guided play is introduced to children and the objects thrown in for facilitation are such that their combinations and colors have a very positive effect. You can clearly see children are enjoying as they smile, laugh and form teams on their own to fulfil the said activities.
Psychologists have always believed about inculcating healthy team spirit, joy during learning in children at early ages. The world requires clear thinking, creative individuals for solving problems in a manner that is acceptable to all. Guided play stimulates children to do all of this at an early age, setting the foundation for such children to develop into well rounded personalities for the future.
Get in touch with us to know more about ‘learning through play’ curriculum and its development on the numbers mentioned below.

We develop curriculum on learning through play in the early years and for preschools in India. We also development international day wise play school curriculum for preschools.

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