Howard gardner curriculum development for preschools

This famous psychologist believed in the theory of multiple intelligences, emphasizing that the human brain is not restricted to a one-dimensional existence. He propounded the presence of not one but eight autonomous intelligences that comprised of logical-mathematical, musical, naturalistic, spatial, bodily, linguistic, intrapersonal as well as interpersonal intelligences.
He overruled the common understanding that a single intelligence manifests itself in different ways or intellectual abilities. Instead he said that these eight disparate intelligences represented eight intellectual abilities that are distinct from each other. He further explained that no single learning style is followed by an individual. The styles differ depending on the manner in which the human brain approaches or deals with specific tasks.
While he agreed with the right and left brain theories, he believed firmly that information may be presented in different ways by different individuals based on their own learning styles and how they approach the same. The psychologist was vindicated when his theory was proved right by studies later on that showed how complex the human brain was and why it is so difficult to stick to any one established parameter.
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