In continuing with the belief of many psychologists about children early education to be more of “learning while playing”, Friedrich Froebel has been credited with developing such a ‘kindergarten system’. His system laid greater emphasis on the usage of play materials, activities that would enable children to learn difficult concepts in a seamless manner.

Friedrich froebel influenced curriculum design

Froebel encouraged an education environment that favoured practical work using materials. He came out with materials such as wooden bricks, balls around which different activities were designed. This enabled children to improve basic motor skills, creativity and having fun while learning. This was much better than exposing children to concepts done through the conventional manner. His methodology led to the demand for such centres outside of homes called The Kindergartens.

Indeed, he was the pioneer for directing early childhood education in this manner. Way back in 1837, he had set up such schools at a time when children till the age of 7, had no formal access to education as the belief then was children below that age were incapable of learning.

He also brought in another refreshing change and that was making use of his experiences of nature, outdoor surroundings, and architecture in the formulation of his play objects. Contact us for lesson plans, or Froebel philosophy early childhood education curriculum development in India

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