Early years foundation stage curriculum – EYFS BASED LESSON PLAN IDEAS

Early years foundation stage curriculum for Preschools.

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If you are wondering about a comprehensive curriculum for your child in his or her formative years, stop worrying. The EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage is here to stay and has set high standards for inclusive development, learning of children between the ages of 0 – 5. It is now mandatory for all preschools, nursery and Montessori schools to follow the EYFS method of education.
The programs devised draw heavily from the theories of Piaget, Vygotsky and Montessori. That is because these theories have broken down the mental development of the child to stages that can be monitored and improved. The cognitive development of the child during these years is key to the overall progress of the child.

Very much like Piaget, Lev Vygotsky proposed the theory about children learning through actual experiences rather than by rote or by lectures by the teachers. He firmly believed in the role of parents, peers and caregivers, the culture of the child and teachers as responsible for the development of the child.

Maria Montessori based her programs on the premise of allowing children freedom of thought, action and movement. She suggested that all children would be capable of greater periods of concentration and faster mental development if they were allowed to play while learning.
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Now that it is an established fact that the years 0-5 are the most crucial for mental development in a child, the curriculum followed during these early years assumes greater importance. The EYFS curriculum or the early years foundation stage curriculum takes full cognizance of the varied challenges faced by children as well as parents. The curriculum has been effectively designed to make sure children get to the next stage of learning with confidence. The teaching faculty too is well aware of their responsibilities to make this happen. With years of experience and expertise, We offer EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum development in India.
Principles of early intervention have been applied
The planning of the curriculum has been done on the basis of early intervention principles. The roles of parents and teachers have been clearly defined. Standards have been laid down such that children centers and schools also have to follow them. Programs like the Family Nurse Partnership and Healthy Child Program have been included to boost the success of early intervention and its effective delivery.
What gives EYFS the edge?

Notwithstanding the above mentioned approach, it is the very integrated and inclusive approach followed towards development and learning that provides EYFS with the cutting edge over other curriculum. The teachers are provided with standardized tools for easier delivery of education. Parents feel included as they too are guided on how to impart the necessary teaching at home. This leads to an effective partnership between the teaching faculty and parents, making the child feel secure.

The staff to children ratio too is clearly spelt out. Only staff that have completed Level 3 in Early Years Education along with completion of Level 2 qualification for Math and English are selected. They must also hold either a comprehensive or emergency PFA certificate.
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What does the EYFC curriculum focus on?

The main focus is on:

• Comprehensive development in the personal, emotional and social areas.
• Communication fluency with language skills
• Overall physical development.

These then dovetail into a set of 4 specific areas such as:
• Math proficiency
• Understanding of world affairs
• Exposure to arts, design for boosting the creative energies in the child.
The above 7 mentioned areas are then split to cover 17 different aspects that the child must focus on through the year. The target is to accomplish the Early Learning Goal for each of those aspects. Child assessment is done based on the number of such goals achieved.

We offer the UK EYFS curriculum for preschools in India and you can contact us. We help develop eyfs planning sheets for nursery, early years planning ideas and development of your pre-school based on international standards

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