Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education

Name of the course : Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education Duration : 80 Hours ( 6 months )
Fees : INR 20,000
Course Content & Modules:
1. History Of Early Childhood Education
2. Child Development /Preschool Organization & Management
3. Curriculum And Pedagogy In Early Childhood Education / Lesson
4. Food And Nutrition For Young Children
5. Soft Skills (Self Image /Time Management/ Body
Language/Communication Barriers)
6. Learning Disabilities / Education Psychology / First Aid
7. CircleTime/MusicAndMovement(Prayers/Rhymes/Song)
8. Jolly Phonics
9. Story Telling & Dramatization/Brain Boosters
10.Yoga /Teaching Aids & Creativity/Technology 11.Assessment & Evaluation
The above Diploma course is appropriate for parents,
students , aspiring teachers and experienced teachers who wants to upgrade and upscale themselves & looking to enter the pre and primary teaching industry. Also, aspiring entrepreneurs planning to open pre-schools or crèches will benefit from this course.
It is a very different international approach with loads of takeaways.
Unlimited resources, teaching aids and loads of activities will be provided with hands on experience online .
Course material will be provided.
Course fees can be paid in instalments .

online early childhood education courses in india

online early childhood education courses in india

Diploma in E.C.C. Ed

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