Brain gym exercises for kids

Brain gym as the name indicates exercises related to brain which stimulates brain blood flow and involves basic tasks,just like any other exercise is done to strengthen muscles. Theo Kids is a known brand for kid’s development and when it comes to intelligence and overall personality growth.

Theo Kids has always been creative by adding something unique and now it’s Brain gym which will help the kids overall in his balancing the body, posture and enhancement of body coordination. They are very simple and boosts the power of memory by synchronizing your system for better concentration, coordination, comprehension, organizational skills, attitude, self-responsibility, confidence, creativity and emotional health.

Brain gym for preschoolers in India
Brain gym is very useful and helpful to the kids if they are part of the preschool as that is the age where kid’s brain gets developed and can learn new things very quickly and adapt to the environment. As Brain gym helps to develop the child overall and it is proven that both the sides of our brains control different functions. As a parent, you always wanted the best for your child and Theo Kids gives your child the educational freedom to shape their learning as they have structured and provides solution under one roof learning and development and working on overall personality.
Brain gym is a need of an hour as most of the parents are working class and having such in-house activity for the kids is a best option rather than being on mobile and TV which can make them obese. Brain gym has not gained so much publicity in preschoolers in India but it should be encouraged for the benefit of a child to learn new things and become smarter as it enhances the memory skill by increasing the intelligence. We can’t say that intelligence is the key to success, but surely it goes hand in hand and helps the child growth.
Brain gym exercises for writing

Brain gym exercises are very simple and easy and helps to develop motor skills and overall development and also releases stress. They are fun loving exercises that are designed to stimulate their brain through physical movements.

Theo Kids approach is to enhance the development of brain through various activities of Brain gym that focus mainly on many cognitive function and emotional intelligence which will help the kids to grow overall as this activities involves lot of learning.

Double Doodle – This exercise is done by using both the hands and two images are drawn at the same time and it is a bilateral drawing exercise to boost both the sides of the brain. This activity enhances your kids learning several skills like learning spelling accuracy, writing and recognition of symbols, calculation, etc. This is one of the great exercise for stimulating the brain.

Lazy Eight’s
This exercise encourages kids to use both the hands and cross midline and requires them to draw the figure eight in the air using their hands and it is a very good exercise as this loosens the muscles in his arms and wrists and activates the creative side or this can be done either on a sheet of paper and boost both the sides of the brain. It also improves eyesight with eye muscle coordination and peripheral vision. These involves moments, creates rhythm and flow that promotes eye hand coordination and activates creativity.
Brain gym exercises for classrooms & students.

Brain Gym exercises are very simple and easy and can be done with the kids along with learning to release stress, stimulate brain and enhance learning. Each exercise can be done at any given period of time. They are full of fun movements and are designed to engage the brain and it can be combined with music too.

Theo Kids believes in giving something unique and in a very systematic and structured way when it is concerned with the kid’s growth. Brain gym exercises works best with younger students, older students and even adults can benefit.

Double Doodle

How to do:• Take 2 pencils or pens for performing this task.• Dot down two images simultaneously by using both hands together.
2. Cross Crawls In this exercise, you have to make sure to move your left arm to the right leg slowly. The slow movement increases mental coordination, attention and helps to release stress. Enhances concentration, interaction between left and right brain and make kids smarter. It helps in higher level of reasoning (critical thinking, problem solving, etc.).
How to do:• Stand straight.• Lift the left knee, and touch the left knee with the right elbow or hand. • Then lift the right knee, and touch the right knee the left elbow or hand.• Repeat for about 2 minutes.
3. Lazy Eight’s This exercise encourages to use both the hands and cross midline and to draw the figure eight in the air or either on a sheet of paper and boost both the sides of the brain. This loosens the muscles in his arms and wrists and improves reading speed, eyesight with eye-muscles coordination and peripheral vision and activates the creative side. It helps the child to think more clearly, relax and calm, improves hand-eye co-ordination and visual tracking.
How to do:• Use your right thumb to draw a sideways 8 or infinity symbol in the air.• Focus on thumb while drawing.• Repeat using the left thumb.• Can be practiced on paper too.
4. The Elephant Stretch the hand and place it next to the ear on the same side. After this, draw the sign of infinity with extended hand for at least 3 times and repeat with the other hand too. It stimulates the brain and improves thinking ability, memory and attention. This also enhances mind and body balance and helps to listen the words correctly.
How to do:Stand erect. Hold your hand against your ear (resembling an elephant’s trunk). Draw the infinity symbol with the arm. Follow the movement of the arm. Repeat and switch sides.
5. Active Arm – Stretch one arm and hold the other arm at a right angle to hold the extended arm in position. This exercise not only increases the strength of upper body but also improves the hand and eye coordination.
6. The Owl – Sit comfortably and bring one of the hands to the opposite shoulder. Hold the hand steady and slightly pinch the shoulder near the trapezius muscle and then turn the head slowly towards the shoulder and take a deep breath. This improves blood circulation and improves the memory and attention.
7. Gravitational Glider – Sit straight on a chair and stretch the legs. Cross the right leg over the left ankle. Then, take a deep breath and lean forward to reach the feet. This enhances the flow of blood and oxygen and also stretches your child’s hamstring.
8. The Thinking Cap Hold both the ears with the thumb and the index finger and then roll and unroll the outer portion of the ear. This activity improves short-term memory, hearing, and peripheral vision.
How to do:• Using the thumb and index finger of both hands, gently pull and unroll the outer part of the ear, starting from the top and slowly moving towards the lobe.• Remember to always start from the top.
9. Brain Buttons –  Either stand or comfortably sit down and place right hand on the collar bone and the palm of the left hand on the navel. After this, rub both the hands in their respective regions in small circular motions. This improves mental alertness and enhances whole-body orientation.  Brain Buttons help to reduce stress and are meant to improve blood flow to the brain. For instance, if a child has just completed a difficult mathematics section and are frustrated with the assignment, they should be asked to take a break and perform this exercise. It helps the child to be awaken and stay alert, especially if he is feeling lazy or restless or low in energy.It also helps to concentrate and stay focused.

How to do:• Stand straight.• Fold the fingers of one hands into a ‘C’ shape. Place the thumb and index finger of this hand directly under the collar bone (clavicle).• Place the other hand over the navel (bellybutton).• Now gently rub both the upper and lower body parts together in a small, circular motion.

10. Hook Ups For this exercise either stand, sit down, or lie down. Let the kid cross their left ankle above the right one and then place the hands with fingers intertwined on the chest and breathe deeply. This exercise enhance the mind and body relaxation and reduce stress.It is a calming exercise that helps de-stress and focus and ideal to perform after play time or recess to bring kids’ energy levels down and reengage them in the learning process. Sit in the chair and cross right legs over their left legs at their ankles. Then place right wrists over left wrists, and curl the hands inward so that fingers interlock. It should rotate their wrists so that fingers are toward the bodies and elbows point outward. The hands should then be drawn in to the breast bone. Kids should stay in this position for a few minutes, breathing deeply and slowly. This activities is useful for adults and teenagers who are going through tough time and having too much of stress, anxiety, sensory overload or feeling low. It is a very good exercise for calming the body and control breathe movement.
How to do:• This exercise can be done standing, sitting or lying down.• Should cross one ankle over the other (legs always straight).• Now, stretch out the arms and cross them in front of the body.• As they are crossed, have the palms of the right and left hands turn to each other and lock fingers.• Loop the hands underneath the arms and pull the arms close to the chest.
What are the 26 Brain Gym movements?The Brain Gym is made up of 26 activities, along with several other movement-based techniques that help us balance, posture and coordination skills.These activities recall the movements naturally done when learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands, and whole body. Synchronize your system for better comprehension, focus, communication and emotional health. This program is widely used in schools, colleges, athletic training as well as for personal and professional growth.

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