Project based approach curriculum for early childhood education development

If you are a parent who feels that your child shows an independent streak, is keen on exploring things and does not conform to routine activities, then a project based approach for early childhood education will be ideal for your child.

Indeed, programs that are project based allow the child the freedom to learn through experimentation. There will be collaboration by the educators when required though. This method was suggested by Lillian Katz, who authored ‘Engaging Children’s Minds: The Project Approach in 1989.
The belief is that when you offer a flexible framework of education for children who are self driven and motivated, there is better participation. The development of the brain and ability to absorb abstract concepts is much better. Such children are also able to work well in teams, solve problems as they encounter during the project and only look up to the educators as guides and not instructors.
While working on the project, the children are advised that there is nothing right or wrong about how they are approaching the tasks. This enables the children to take risks and come out with creative ideas, during which they learn a lot through trial and error. It gives them tremendous confidence to handle things independently as well.

Find out more about project based approach in early childhood education curriculum from us. We are consultants in this field and would love to work with you in developing such curriculum for your preschool or nursery. Contact us for project based learning preschool lesson plans and development of curriculum for your preschool or project based learning activities for kindergarten.

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