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Preschool Staff and Teacher Evaluation in India :

Evaluation of the staff members and teachers of a preschool becomes essential for two reasons. It helps to get an overview of the progress of the school as an educational institute and it is also a necessary aspect of the personal development of the teachers and staff members. The teachers and staff members can be assessed and evaluated on the parameters given below.
Preschool teachers are usually qualified in preschool teaching degree or certifications and are experienced. However, the experience level varies and hence the evaluation criteria can vary to some extent, though the basic parameters remain the same. The teacher evaluation can include the following points:
• Teaching skills: Teaching the preschool kids requires a positive approach, patience and appropriate discipline. Toddlers require the care, attention, communication with a balance of discipline.
• Planning and coordination: Planning of academic work is a major task in preschool teaching. Planning the lessons and activities, keeping records of students’ progress and developments is important. Also, coordinating with the staff members and with preschool teacher evaluation tools to get these activities conducted and the materials prepared is important.
• Communication skills: Communication with the students, other teachers, staff members and parents in an appropriate and positive manner must be done.
Staff Evaluation includes skills that contribute towards academic, interpersonal and communication skills. The tasks and responsibilities allocated to the staff members vary with the school staff and academic structure. However some of the basic roles and responsibilities remain the same. Some of them can be listed as given below:
• Follow the instructions given by teachers to create/organize material and coordinate lessons as instructed.
• Work on the tasks to manage and develop the school premises.
• Work on the activities related to academic calendar to organize, conduct and record events throughout the academic year.
We offer these evaluation services for preschool teachers and staff members in India.

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