High scope curriculum approach

high scope curriculum lesson plans for preschools- david p weikart high scope

American psychologist David P Weikart founded the HighScope Curriculum, which is an early childhood program. This one focuses on inclusive and participatory learning for children wherein they will get exposure to real life experiences with objects, folks around them and also events. The specific interests of children would be the basis on which the program would be carried out.
The infrastructure would include areas demarcated for arts, toys, blocks and other stuff that children are typically drawn and attracted to.

They would be required to follow a daily routine which would put them in contact with the following:
• Plan, Do and Review It
• Interaction with Adults
• Assessment methodology with key developmental indicators
The exciting feature of high scope curriculum for preschools is that children would be able to pick up skills by the mode of actual action rather than through repetitive learning or memorization. The program is self sustainable and equips children for higher classes.

We are consultants for preschool curriculum and are in the process of helping out schools with the development of different models of curriculum across India.You can get in touch with us to enquire about HighScope Curriculum, an early childhood education program on the numbers mentioned below.

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