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In India, governments at both State and Central are putting a lot of efforts to boost preschool as well as school attendance. The midday meal program has been a highly successful initiative that has motivated parents to send their children to school. The distribution of free cycles to girl children has also improved the attendance of girls in schools.

However at the preschool level more needs to be done to motivate parents and children to be enthusiastic about schooling. Whether it is the infrastructure, curriculum or teaching faculty, there is scope for improvement. The introduction of the CBSE preschool curriculum is a step in the right direction.

CBSE curriculum standard is a must for preschools

This CBSE curriculum is a good standard that can be followed across the country. It has been a great success in schools for the last so many years. The reason is that since the curriculum is a common one across the country, children and parents are not troubled when they have to relocate to another city or State.

If the CBSE curriculum can be introduced for preschools as well, there will be greater enthusiasm and participation from parents in ensuring their children attend the preschools. Another important reason is the content and structure of the curriculum itself. Currently, with all States following their own local curriculum, there is hardly any uniformity and the subject content too leaves a lot to be desired.

Consequently, parents and children do not feel too good about studies in general and that leads to a lot of dropouts at the preschool level itself. Teachers selected at each State and made to follow the curriculum of the State are also not of acceptable standards, making it difficult for the children to retain interest in studies. When an interesting curriculum like the CBSE is introduced at the preschool level, there would be continuity when the child goes into higher levels and adjustment will not be difficult.

The government has come out with specific guidelines through the Ministry of Women and Child Development on how the preschools should be set up and run. The guidelines are clear on the infrastructure, teacher – child ratio, hygiene standards, eligibility criteria for preschools to be set up and how the preschool must deliver education.
With the introduction of the CBSE curriculum in preschools and if the above guidelines are followed strictly, attendance of children will surely improve in preschools.

Contact us on the numbers below to find out more about the CBSE curriculum / cbse board nursery syllabus development in India. We advise on What qualifications and cost do you need to open up a nursery in India and other related information.

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