Brain gym courses in India

Brain gym courses in India

Brain Gym is for brain integration through body movement. What is Brain Gym? It is like any other exercise to strengthen muscles, but also itstimulate brain activity and oxygen flow to the brain. Brain gym program is made of 26 activities, along with several movements which will helpyour child’s with overall development and body coordination. They are simple but very effective tool to enhance your Memory, Concentration, Visualization, Posture, Academic Skills and overall personality.

There are 3 levels of courses in Brain Gym. Following are Brain gym courses in India –

LEVEL – 1 – Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator –Licensed to teach the 26 Brain Gym Movements

  • 26 Brain Gym Movements (16 Hours)
  • Brain Gym Basic Certification 101 (32 Hours)
  • Brain Gym 26 movements accreditation course (24 Hours)

Level – 2 – Educational Kinesiology Consultant –To work one-to-one with Educational Kinesiology and Brain gym sessions, deliver short term Brain gym seminars

  • Optimal Brain Organization Course 201
  • Touch for Health (7 Ds Access Course)
  • 7 Dimensions of Intelligence Course 301
  • Repeat balance for Daily Life Course Brain Gym 101
  • Brain Gym Instructor Training Course 401


Level – 3 – Brain Gym 101 (Balance for Daily Life) Instructor – To deliver the Brain gym 101 Course. Brain Gym 101 Instructor Co-teaching Program.

  • Assist Teach Brain Gym 101 Course
  • Co-teach Brain Gym 101 Course
  • Assessment
  • Recommendation
  • Confirmation of qualification

In this courses you will learn activities with fun and at the same time enhance child learning with confidence. Brain gym movements integrate both the hemisphere of the bran and increases your thinking ability.

We at Theo Kids have started integrating Brain gym activities in our curriculum, so that kids personality grows at the time when their brain is at developing age and with fun loving exercises.

How does Brain Gym help?

Brain gym looks at the physical aspects of learning to enhance the child overall which mainly educators don’t do that. Brain gym exercise helps in many ways to the kids, adults and even to the old age as it activates the brain and it increases oxygen to the brain. It is important not to push children at very tiny age for studies, but to make them stronger on physical side, as that is the age when brain develops and it is easier to learn.

Theo Kids believes in grooming the kids at very early age of life and learning with fun and now they have included Brain gym which will further enhances the overall personality and builds self-esteem and confidence. A healthy and sharp mind leads to intelligence and success in life. It helps you become smarter and sharper with proper body coordination. It increases the coordination of both the hemisphere of the brain and helps in creativity, concentration, reading, writing skills, attention, memory, mental coordination, mathematical, communication and much more than your imagination. Brain gym helps your health and boosts the immunity and heals it faster and it also takes into consideration your body posture and movement. It enhances eye muscles and eye sight with peripheral vision.

Brain Gym helps develop the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Vestibular, Tactile and Proprioceptor senses by exercising. It helps students with Learning Disability, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Mental Disorder, and many more. If any of these senses are undeveloped and areas of the brain are not functioning it will affect the potential and performance of the individual in the learning environment, workplace, on stage or sports field.

Brain gym exercise increases level of confidence, motivation, focus and feeling positive. Simple exercise for few minutes will improve your ability and skills. It is a brilliant, extremely effective and simple to perform and easy to learn and be confident.

Brain Gym exercises has shown drastic improvement in some of the areas–


  • In business it is an excellent for staff wellness program as it increases motivation, enhance critical and analytical thinking, stress management, inter personal relationship with teamwork, confidence, effective communication skills, increased productivity, etc. they are some of the benefits.
  • In schools it is very effective and can improve anti-social behavior which are seen in ragging in hostel kids, bullying, etc. besides other benefits.
  • In sports it has been a blessing as there is full mind-body coordination is maintained for optimum performance, focused, improved muscle tone, stress management and injuries, self-confidence, accuracy as this all can make a significant difference in the game.

According to an article published by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the right brain maintains a vigilance and sends out warning signals in times of danger. In contrast, the left brain analyzes the circumstances of a given situation and works logically to decide what to do. Brain gym acts as a booster to the brain and allows to flow more of oxygen to the brain and make it active and alert.


Brain gym instructor training in India

Brain gym is an activity to enhance child learning and make him grow overall. There are very few training instructor in India. One among them is Theo Kids who has a name and brand in the industry because of its quality and excellence.

Theo Kids believes in giving the best learning to its kids with enhancement and development. Brain gym activities will take them one more step ahead for enhancing the learning of the kids.

Licensed Brain Gym Instructor / Consultants

This Basic 101 workshop is your first ticket towards the qualification of becoming a certified Brain Gym Instructor. An introductory course in the educational kinesiology and it is a pre-requisite to understand and be a professional consultant and train ahead. It is based on the learning with intention leads to optimal learning.

This is just a basic course for integration of brain through exercise. Theo Kids is a licensed Brain Gym Instructor /Consultants and they are known in the kids’ education to develop their personality as a whole at the tender age in a structured manner which will help them for their future.

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